Kredin,The Events Engineer

We're engineers, we work with efficiency, creativity and Malasakit"

The Team

Kredin, The Events Engineer is an event management and coordinating company established in 2006.  The company consists of pool of professionals, who provide the best of services. They handle their work with care and concern for the event and the client as well, which allows them to exert their highly organized nature and resourcefulness, YOU are the ARTIST, they are your PWD – PRODUCTION WRITER AND DIRECTOR. As one of their clients said, “KEE works with efficiency, creativity and Malasakit (utmost care)”.  From there on this has been the company’s core value. After which, KnK Moments and Flowers, a styling company was conceptualized to expand the services.

The Founder

Founded by Maria Kredin B. Saldua-Castillo, also known as "Kredz" or "Dhen", an Industrial Engineering graduate of the University of Santo Tomas. Making process, time and motion study, planning and implementation based on Gantt chart was her forte.


In 2006, she started in the industry of events coordination. She makes sure that all the client’s demands are met in the best way possible. Arrangements are made with every detail covered from the first meeting until the very end of the event.

Being the head of Engineering Dance Troupe, Engineering Cheering Squad and a leader in her class, she became part of the top management in one of the largest retailers in the Philippines. From a Retail Business Consultant to a Merchandising, Operation Planning and Control Manager, she decided to share her knowledge and passion with her team. Now, with 6 event managers and 30 coordinators, they can serve more clients who are in need of a sincere service.

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