Kredin,The Events Engineer

We're engineers, we work with efficiency, creativity and Malasakit"

Our Company

                            (The logo was voluntarily designed by one of our groom for FREE  THANK YOU JESEL MORGA !!!)

Events Engineer is a wedding planner and wedding coordinator in the philippines. The company was born out of the realization that this is the kind of work that we wanted to do until we grow old.  This is the industry that we wanted to be known and that our greatest pleasure is to put smile not just to our clients faces but to their guest as well. Extending our care to the event as if handling our own is whats bring us PRIDE TO OUR WORK

The Team

Events Engineer is a wedding and debut coordinating company consisting of a pool of professionals such as teachers, retail managers, CPA, accountant, engineers and retail consultants and former brides and grooms who may provide the best of services.

They handle their work with care and concern for the celebrants, which allows them to exert their highly organized nature and resourcefulness.  They gathered themselves to have a happy event for you.  Handling events is their therapy a way to release stress.  Weddings, Debut or any other Events is always a wonderful experience for them, away from reality and entering into the world of dreams and joyful fantasy.


The Founder

           Events Engineer is a event, wedding and debut planning and coordinating company founded by Maria Kredin Batalla Saldua-Castillo, also known as "Kredz" or "Dhen". As an Industrial Engineering graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, whose forte was making process and procedure, she didn't expect her niche in handling the several school activities would emerge among her knowledge and skills. 

           From being the head of the Engineering Dance Troupe and Engineering Cheering Squad and a leader in her class in University of Santo Tomas, she became a Division Merchandise Manager in two of the most largest retailers in the Philippines, a Retail and Business Consultant in an I.T. Company she then decided she could do more.  She engaged to a new profession that would best suit her lifestyle and eagerness to handle events.

           It was in 2006 when she started in the industry of events coordination through the invitation of her highschool friends. Kredin was one of the team leader. Her role at the time was organizing and implementing marketing strategies for the company and hands-on planning and coordination.

           Her experiences and the inspiration shared by her friends inspired her to start a company of her own, now known as Events Engineer.

           As a planner/coordinator, she makes sure that all the clients demands are met in the best way possible. Arrangements are made with every detail covered and in place from the first meeting with the client till the very end of the event, prepared  for anything during the program itself, through its smooth flow of plans or any unexpected surprises that might happen.